Foodies love to travel, and travelers love to eat. As a food-oriented travel writer, I have the best of both worlds, wandering the globe armed with a fork and a pen. Whether searching for taro-wrapped laulau on the Big Island, quaffing smoky craft brews in Krakow or investigating the endless varieties of ceviche in Peru, I’m always eager to eat and ready to write about it.

My love of champagne and sparkling wine led me to create Talk Bubbly to Me, where I explore and write about all kinds of bubbly, from the storied French Grand Marques and finest Spanish Cavas to Northern California’s world-class sparklers and Slovakia and Tasmania’s delicious contributions.

While food and travel make up the bulk of my work, I also write and edit a wide variety of other material. Whether it’s composing colorful zoo animal signage, drafting video scripts about seaweed or profiling artists and creatives — it’s all about crafting a compelling story that makes you want to stay with it to the very end.

I pride myself on writing with flair and passion and respect for deadlines and word counts. But, don’t get me started on the world’s best BBQ …beef or pork, sauced or rubbed, Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, the Carolinas …That’s a heated debate best had in person over a pitcher of pale ale with a plate piled high, a big stack of napkins and plenty of time. Sure I can capture it in 100 words but who would want to?!