Original Playing Cards

A few years back I designed a deck of playing cards in the transformation style called Sutherland-Brown Playing Cards. The project stemmed from a hand-drawn deck I had designed for an Art History class at the University of California, Santa Cruz that I then turned into something bigger and more commercial. They were printed in sheets, cut by a big paper cutter and then round cornered in stacks of each card that I then sorted into decks and boxed.

Six years later I came out with the Palladin deck, a more refined version of the Sutherland-Brown deck that had more nuanced shading but largely the same imagery.  They were printed by a real playing card printer and boxed as single decks and double decks in lift-top boxes.

The cards were sold at art galleries (The Victoria and Albert Museum in London carried them among others), craft fairs, gift shops, and magazines like the New Yorker and Smithsonian.  They are now rare and hard to find, but occasionally Ruby Lane or Etsy or EBay will have one to sell.