Ten Must-Have Travel Items to Keep Permanently Packed in Your Suitcase

1. Duct tape –can repair anything, from ripped suitcases and backpacks bursting their seams to eyeglasses and charger cords. Roll it around a small pen or pencil.

duct tape!

duct tape!

2. Earplugs – honeymooners in the room next door? Bar brawls in the street below? No problem if you pack these.

3. First aid kit – a two-day supply for every problem you might have – cold, flu, diarrhea, heartburn…plus bandages and antibiotic cream.

4. Twisty ties – twist one through the two zippers in your suitcase and it increases the degree of difficulty to open your bag and deters light-fingered baggage handlers and nosy hotel maids.

5. Plastic knife – now that I can’t take my beloved Swiss army knife in my carry-on, I’ve discovered that a serrated plastic knife — the kind you get in fast food joints or the super market deli — can easily slice apples, cheese, bread…and even soft tomatoes and hard carrots.  IMG_0943

6. Moleskin – a small square is all you need to keep that red spot on your heel from turning into a blister

7. Razor – one of the most common items that women forget.

8. Sewing kit and safety pins – hems rip out, straps break, whatever duct tape can’t fix, a safety pin or needle and thread can.

9. Battery operated votive candle – you’ve got your cell phone for a flashlight, but if you find yourself without power, this tiny lightweight candle lights up a large space and has a very long battery life.

10. Umbrella – because you never know what the weather will bring

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